Cycle to the Sun – June 24th, 2017

Register February 1 to June 22rd, 2017

Only 200 Entries Allowed for the 2017 Cycle to the Sun

Online Registration for the 2016 Cycle to the Sun: CLICK HERE »»
  1.  At the Registration Site, choose your Entry Category based on your Age, Sex and Hawaiian Residency Status (Ka’amaina). Note that if you choose the Ka’amaina rate you will be required to produce a Hawaiian driver’s licence when you pick up your race packet.
  2.  The relay this year will be in three segments with stages ending at elevations 2,700 feet, 6,500 feet and the summit.
  3. Prizes will be awarded to the overall winners (Male, Female and Relay) and also to the winners of each category. When you enter in your category you will be automatically eligible for the overall title.
  4. You can also purchase 2016 Cycle to the Sun jerseys under Event Items, which you will receive when you pick up your race packet ($99.00 each).
  5.  Have a credit card ready to pay the Entry Fee when asked to do so. Full Ascent fee is $225/$200 for Ka’amaina; 3-Person Relay fee is $325/$300 for Ka’amaina. 19 and Under $200/$175 Kaamaina in both men and women. Note: Entries received after June 1 will incur a $25 late fee. (Entry Fee is tax-deductible.)
  6. Click the Register button at bottom, with or without logging in, after your selections are made. You do not need to register with to enter, but if you are already registered then that will speed up the entry process.
Online Registration for the 2016 Cycle to the Sun: CLICK HERE »»